The steering group is made up from representatives from a variety of organisations that support children and families with special educational needs or disabilities as well as independent parents. This is to ensure the representation is wide and to ensure that existing networks are sharing the work of the forum.

There are currently 26 members on the steering group, which is quite large but this makes sure that parents whose lives at times can be complicated do not feel overwhelmed and that there are enough parents to be quorate and make decisions.

It is the steering groups job to decide what issues parents are collectively facing that they would like to pursue at a strategic level to influence and work with professionals to find positive solutions.

Steering group meetings are closed meetings but minutes are published below.


For information and minutes from the various Working Together For Change meetings and groups please click on the links below. These include

Local Offer

Local Offer Visioning event 3 March 2017

Steering Group Minutes

WTFC -Steering Agenda 280917

Steering Group Minutes 14 June 2017

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Event media session 25 March 2014

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Below are some historical meetings/groups minutes:

Transport Sessions

Transport Meeting 10 March 2014

 Personal Budget

Personal Budgets Task and Finish Group 9 July 2014

Regional Group Meetings

Regional Meeting Birmingham – September 2015

West Midlands Regional Network of Parent Carer Forums – Terms of Reference June 2014