Who are the Specialist Inclusion Services?

The Specialist Inclusion Services work with Early Years settings, schools, families and partner agencies to support children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities.

Specialist Services

Specialist Provisions

Hearing Impaired Resource Bases:

  • Ashwood Park Primary School
  • Crestwood Secondary Listen and Learn Centre

Speech & Language provision:

  • Speech & Language Base, St Margaret’s of Hasbury CofE Primary
  • Speech & Language Centre, Quarry Bank Primary School

Early Years Specialist Provision:

  • Bromley-Pensnett Specialist Nursery
  • Leapfrog Group
  • Phoenix Centre (Charitable Trust, joint funded with LA)

Enhanced Nurseries in primary schools:

  • Hawbush
  • Tenterfields


What are our aims and who do we support?

SIS work with children and young people with SEN and disabilities, their families,
educational settings and partner agencies, to raise standards, aspirations and
expectations, enable full access to the curriculum and inclusion within the setting
and thereby improve educational, social, emotional and physical outcomes.

SIS work with children and young people who have special educational needs and
disabilities:- autism spectrum disorders, specific language impairments, complex
medical conditions, hearing, vision and physical impairments, who are 0-16 years
of age and live within the Dudley Borough and attend Dudley provision. SIS
delivers support and advice to their families and settings they attend in
partnership with professionals from other services and agencies.


Where do we deliver the service?

Across Dudley Borough:-

  • mainstream primary & secondary schools,
  • early years settings, maintained, private, voluntary & independent
  • special schools, pupil referral units & specialist provisions
  • Homes
  • Health Clinics
  • 16-19 education provision with support requested and funded by the
    provision and in agreement with the young people themselves

What do we do?

Deliver specialist:

  • Assessment (Individual & Statutory)
  • Teaching
  • Support & Advice
  • Resource production
  • Loan literature and equipment
  • Training
  • Monitoring & Review
  • Contribution to Diagnosis
  • Whole setting & Strategic advice


How do you refer?

Referrals for the Services are open to all Agencies, Services, Settings and Parent Carers. Referrals will only be accepted on a service referral proforma and with signed agreement from the parent carers. Referrals for specialist provisions are through an internal panel process and not via an open referral system.


Joanne Tasker, SIS Senior Leader
Bev Bryant, Administration Manager
The Mere Education Centre, Lawnswood Road, Wordsley, Stourbridge,
West Midlands, DY8 5PQ
Telephone: 01384 818070 Email: joanne.tasker@dudley.gov.uk

If you would like further information then contact:

Heads of Services:

Joanne Tasker, Senior Leader, Specialist Inclusion Services, 01384 814215

Diane Hanke, Head of Service, Autism Outreach Service: 01384 816974

Gillian Pillar, Head of Service, Hearing Impairment Service: 01384 818009

Judy Lewis, Head of Service, Visual Impairment Service: 01384 818005

Kim Fisher, Head of Service, Physical Impairment and Medical Inclusion Service: 01384 818004

Jane Marsh, Head of Service, Specialist Early Years Service/Early Support: 01384 814378

Bev Bryant, Administration & Building Manager: 01384 818070

JoAnn Watkins, Centre Manager, Speech & Language Centre: 01384 818074