The Specialist Early Years Service deliver specialist educational support for children with a range of needs from birth until full-time school.

It has an open referral system and works in the family home, in specialist settings and in mainstream early years settings. The service values partnership work with parents which it believe facilitates the best outcomes for children.

The service aims to support families and settings to understand children’s development and needs, in a holistic way, offering advice, training and specialist strategies and resources.

Families become empowered to support their child in the most beneficial way. The service aims to increase the capacity in early year’s settings to include all children in an effective way to achieve the best outcomes for all the children in their care.

What does the Service provide?

Who does the Service help?

The Service can support any child between birth and entry into full time school where learning development is delayed, or where a diagnosis indicates that there will be special educational needs.


The support provided depends on the child’s age, level of additional need, and on the kind of help and support that the parents want.  This could include home visiting, a place in a specialist nursery, an enhanced nursery or outreach support or monitoring.

Who works for the Service?

There is a Head of Service, a deputy, ten teachers and a team of specialist teaching assistants.  All staff are specially trained and experienced in working with children with special needs.

What else does the Service do?

The specialist staff will contact and work with other professionals who are also involved with children with special needs (e.g. health visitors, speech & language therapists, physiotherapists, etc)

Support staff may change over time, depending on the support your child needs.

How are children referred to the Service?

Usually children are referred by a paediatrician, or by speech and language therapists, health visitors or any other professional who work with children.

They will always make sure that parents are happy for the referral to be made and obtain their signature on the referral form, where there is also space for parental comments.

You can, however, ask your doctor or health visitor to refer your child, or you may wish to contact the Head of Service to make this referral yourself.

What happens once a child is referred?

One of the specialist team will visit the child at home or nursery, to determine what kind of help we can offer.  Once this has been agreed, the child will continue to receive help for as long as he/she needs to, until full time school age.  When necessary, the teacher will then liaise with school staff to ensure a smooth transfer.

Parents as Partners

We believe that in the early years, parents know their children best; we will therefore always work in co-operation with parents, and in accordance with their wishes wherever possible.

For more information you can download information leaflets below;

Specialist Early Years Service – Our Service Leaflet [pdf / 272KB]The Service can support any child who lives in Dudley MBC between birth and entry into full time school where learning development is delayed, or where a diagnosis indicates that there will be special educational needs.


Information Leaflet Dudley Early Support for Young Children and their Families [pdf / 287KB]
Downloadable version of Information Leaflet Dudley Early Support for Young Children and their Families


NAS EarlyBird Parent Programme [pdf / 260KB]
Downloadable version of the NAS EarlyBird Parent Programme

Specialist Early Years Service
The Education Centre
Church Street
Brierley Hill
West Midlands
Tel: 01384– 814378
Fax: 01384-814241

Specialist Early Years settings in Dudley.


Phoenix Centre – Specialist Pre-school


The Phoenix Centre is an independent charity in a self contained centre which runs a Pre-school and Play group for children with an additional need, developmental delay or disability who live within the borough of Dudley. The Centre is registered by OFSTED and works within the Early Years Foundation Stage.
Children from the whole borough of Dudley can attend. Transport to and from the centre is available for those children who qualify.

Phoenix Centre,
Barnett Lane,
West Midlands.

Telephone: 01384 273189






Bromley Pensnett Specialist Nursery

What is Bromley Specialist Nursery?

It is a specialist nursery group run by the Specialist Early Years Service for young children with severe and / or complex needs.  The children need specialist teaching and a high level of adult support.

What happens there?

There is a wide range of activities organised indoors and outside for the children each day.  A mixture of small group sessions and regular, individual, targeted teaching and learning takes place.  Specialist teachers, physiotherapists, speech & language therapy, and occupational therapists visit regularly and work closely with the Nursery team.

When is it open?

It is open Monday to Thursday.  Separate groups run morning and afternoon.

Mornings: 9:00am to 11:30am term time

Afternoons: 1:00pm to 3:30pm term time

The Bromley Pensnett Primary School
Brierley Hill
West Midlands

Telephone number: 01384 816865

Bromley Pensnett School Website