Online Community Support

We know that after a long day picking the kids up, cleaning the house, getting the tea on, caring for your young person can be very tiring. Finding time to sit down and research the information you need about local groups, activities, events and so on is near impossible. unless your told about it by a friend or professional. Sometimes you don’t always know whats out there for you and you young person.

Parents told us that they get a lot of information either from other parents on the school run or through social media like Facebook, Twitter or other online communities. If you are a new carer of a young person with a learning difficulty or disability and need support from other parents and would like to know what activities and provisions are out there for you and your family you can join Facebook communities that you can identify as useful to you and get connected to other parents.

Here you can find links to some Facebook groups local to Dudley or surrounding areas.


The Blue Goose – Dudley Autism Support for Parents


This is a group for the parents, relatives or friends of anyone with an ASD, PDA, ODD, ADHD or SCD child. We are all at some stage of the journey, and the aim is to get as much information together on good places to go, places with great facilities, and have some giggles together and provide a shoulder to lean on too.

Group Type: Support


WeLoveCarers Forum


This is a closed group for carers of adults and children where you can ask questions, say what’s happening in the community and have a say regarding your issues, but please could you not write any inflammatory comments regarding other folk, companies or products as I personally don’t fancy having any harrassment or court orders…!!!

Users should be aware that any comments and advice made by people are purely through their own personal experiences.

Most of all we are here for you. If there’s something you feel you can’t put on here, please contact us at

If you request to join you’ll receive a message regarding joining before you’re accepted into the group.

Professionals will not be added to this group.

Group Type: Support


Dudley SEN information and support

We will be sharing news and information regarding SEN issues and services within Dudley.
Run by local parents trying to make a difference.

Group Type: Community information


Special Needs Equipment ~ Buy Sell Swap UK ONLY


This group is purely for buying & selling used special needs equipment & related items by parents or carers of children and young adults with disabilities in the UK.

This group is NOT for general chat, selling non special needs items, advertising events or anything else. This may seem harsh but other groups set up for selling ended up swamped with other things.

Please take a minute to check out the “Docs” section for group rules, member recommendations and links to other groups & websites.

Check out the photo section to see some of the items on sale.

Please remember that all members and admin are parents of children with special needs so be polite and respectful of everyone

Group Type: Buy and sell


We would like provide as many groups a possible to this page giving parent carer’s a wider choice of online support. Please feel free to update us and provide is with any more great groups you know of. Just drop us an email at