Working together for Change

Working Together for Change
Dudley Parent Carer Forum
SIS Review Parent Feedback Meeting
Virtual Zoom
14 th September 2020
11- 12.30
Helen Stokes
Anne Davies
Claire Powers
Clare Barklam
Tina Cartright
Sally Cartwight
Jenny Jones
Dennise Shaw
Clare Barklam
Sarah Thompson
Duncan Liddell
Linda Crocket
Helen Ellis – Director of Children’s Services
Kathy O Mahony – Consultant to conducted the SIS review
Nicki Burrows – Facilitator and Minute taker
Nicki Welcomed everyone to the meeting, Helen provided an introduction saying that this feedback
meeting had been delayed since March as it was hoped that it could have been presented in person
before Kathy delivered a presentation which highlighted the themes from the SIS review with
specific detail regarding the consultations and Questionnaire responses from parents.
The presentation can be found by clicking the following link
Parents were then invited to ask questions, reflections or observations.
Anne – What are the next steps?
Helen – The commissioning team are now working with the CCG using the recommendation in the
review to take these services forward as the service cannot continue as it is now, service models
from other Local Authorities are being explored.
The Early Years’ service is now being reviewed by Diane Weston, this will be concluded at the end of
October. There is no date for the commissioning team to provide their proposal as yet.
Duncan – Will the review include CAMHS?
Helen – No, the CCG commission the CAMHS service not the LA
Jenny – will there be a review of OT, Physio etc.
Helen – Again these services are commissioned by the CCG so not sure at the moment what plans
they have.

Nicki – the PCF hosted a meeting with the CCG on Friday 11 th September, these services will be
incorporated into the new integrated health model and there will be further opportunities for
parents to discuss these and other health related concerns in future meetings.
Clare B – Some children are struggling to stay in mainstream without the appropriate provision or
Helen – agreed this is challenging for some families as some schools are not as inclusive as others,
and more children are going out of borough than we would like, the LA are working hard with all
schools to promote a consistent approach to inclusion, however work has slowed as a result of
COVID. There is a review of bases to ensure the specifications are tight and monitored, we agree
that Dudley do not have sufficient provision.
Claire P/ Clare B – Some children are not having their movement breaks, are unable to take in
transitional toys and missing therapy services because of social distancing, Children should now
receive what is described on their EHCP.
Helen – This session is to concentrate only on the SIS review not the covid conversation
Action – Nicki to contact Sharon and Rachel to set up a follow up meeting with Helen, Neil Bucktin
and representatives from the SEND team
Clare B – asked a further question regarding PIMIS and EOTAS
Helen – Inclusion services should be dynamic and proactive to integrate for either mainstream or
Duncan – My son took part in daily programme at school called ‘keep moving’ which he found really
helpful is this to continue?
Clare B – where this happens it is positive but not done across the board
Helen – This is really positive, please let us know of anything else that you think works
Action – Helen to follow this up with Schools
Tina – No questions, just an observation, there is frustration at the speed of progress as a result of
COVID but glad to see things are moving
Linda- No question, Observation the LA and CCG need to work closely together
Sarah – No question, would like to say that Sutton School have been brilliant throughout lockdown
and with special measures on return to school.
Helen Stokes- Nothing to add
Dennise and Sally lost connection
Clare B – not related to this meeting but is the EOTAS document the final version, as it is being used
by professionals and causing some families distress.
Action – Helen to confirm and respond by email to the PCF for sharing
Kathy – Thanked parents for contributing to the review both in person and completing the
Everyone was thanked for their time and the meeting concluded early at 12.10