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We CAN cut your child’s hair!

Labichi’s gents hairdressing is situated in Market Street Stourbridge. For a while now the Staff at Labichi’s have been cutting hair for children with additional needs. Labichi’s is a friendly environment and have a ‘no rush’ attitude and approach to their customers. Ben Searley and his colleagues do their very best to make all children feel welcomed into the shop and understand that it sometimes takes an  extreme effort it takes for you to bringing your child into the shop. Labichi’s promise to make sure the atmosphere is as comfortable and bearable for your child as well as the experience of sitting in the chair for perhaps the first time.


Ben Searley, Labichi’s Manager

At Labichi barbers we understand that having a hair cut can be an unpleasant experience for kids, and even more so for those with special needs. We have a wide range of kids that come in for a trim and we try to make the experience as smooth as possible.

“Some of the children may suffer with very short attentions spans, a sensitivity to the skin which makes having a haircut very uncomfortable, other sensory issues or perhaps need a cut whilst sat in a wheel chair. For those children, we want to make especially sure they feel right at home and assure them that they don’t have to worry about having their haircut.We love seeing all the kids that visit our shop and love to make sure that no matter what their disability they leave the shop feeling great without compromising on the quality of the haircut. Please feel free to drop us a like or message on our face book page.”


What the Parents have to say!

This is Mason and he is 5 years old, Mason has a rare genetic disorder, is partially sighted, has Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism, and sensory prepossessing disorder (SPD). This was Mason’s first time at a Barber Shop and this is what his mum had to say about their positive experience!

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“After years of unsuccessful and traumatic experiences for us trying to get Mason’s haircut, going through the kicking, screaming and taking two of us to hold him down for a haircut, we were at the end of our tether. Labichis barbers was recommended to us so very reluctantly, we decided to try it. We didn’t expect him to even sit in the chair to be honest and wasn’t very hopeful. He watched his friend have his haircut first which helped him get his head around it until eventually Mason sat in the chair!
Yes he fidgeted, he moaned slightly and was very nervous, but he just sat and watched a cartoon on my phone the whole time while the barber worked around him patiently.
The barber was very calm, didn’t force him to look up, just worked round him, explaining each step to him before he cutting, and more importantly he didn’t rush. The end results were a fantastic haircut, very proud little boy, and an exceptionally happy mummy.”

This is Rhys and is 5 years old, Rhys has cerebral palsy, Hydrocephalus, developmental delay and other additional needs. Rhys is now a regular at Labichi’s Barber and now enjoys having his hair cut but it wasn’t always so.

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” When we first came to Labichi’s we were worried about the waiting let alone the haircut itself. Rhys can be very impatient and very noisy if he is getting restless. Every time we went somewhere I always felt like people were constantly watching and secretly wishing we would just be quiet, so obviously coming to Labichi’s was going to be worse so i thought. The staff immediately made us feel at ease and welcomed regardless of how much noise Rhys was making and always make an effort to engage with him. When Rhys first sat in the chair, my concerns were that because he has a A ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt in his head, and he can be quite sensitive to it and this was going to make his experience even more unpleasant but after i explained it to the barber he took extra care with him, Rhys was also sensitive to the noise of the clippers and found it really scary. He has now got used to this and is quite happy to sit the chair”



We now offer you the opportunity to bring your child in at quieter times in the evenings when the shop is either closed or just generally quiet. You can find out more and arrange an appointment by contacting us before hand to discuss your child’s needs or concerns you have. Appointment times are limited as we are working later then our normal working hours to provide this this service so we ask for your understanding and patience with us if you are not given an appointment straight away. We will always do our best to make sure you and your child have a less stressful and positive experience

So why not come on down let us give your child a fresh cut and if you have any questions or fears about your child you would like to discuss before hand you can contact us before hand via our Facebook page or telephone using the details below!



Labichi’s Gents Hairdressing
37 Market Street,

Telephone: 01384 378372

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00-18;30
Tuesday 09:00-18:30
Wednesday 09:00-18:30
Thursday 09:00-18:30
Friday 09:00-18:30
Saturday 09:00-17:30
Sunday 09:00-15:00

Parking information: There are two disabled parking bays on Market Street, a further three around the corner on the High Street. There are further disabled parking bays in Tescos car park approximately 5 mins walk away. If you do not require any disabled parking spaces, you should be able to park along the street outside Labichi’s.