The Local Authority currently have a vacancy for a Complaints / Tribunals officer which has raised some concerns for parents at the daily rate that it has been advertised at. The LA have been contacted to provide a response to these concerns please see following;

‘The LA are recruiting for a Complaints / Tribunals officer in new structure which Helen Ellis confirmed at the last parent forum. This is a permanent vacancy of which they are interviewing shortly for. The LA have decided to cover this position with agency staff in the short term to reduce the number of complaints and further delays to responding to parents, also making sure papers are timely for tribunals. The LA are working really hard to make the system better. This is about having the right people in positions to ensure quality and a quick response which Helen and others have been very clear about.’

Any parent who has any concerns about decisions that may affect them regarding SEND are always welcome to contact us and we will ensure we get a speedy and accurate response.