The team at Dudley Educational Psychology & Counselling have put together some really good resources to help with some common issue’s  that we are facing with our children, young people and also ourselves. They are full of great advice, ideas and useful contacts.

“Dudley’s Educational Psychology Service (EPS) is committed to the use of applied psychology in a range of settings in order to optimise and maximise the learning, development and well-being of children and young people in Dudley.  We have been delivering psychological services to schools in Dudley for 44 years.  We have well established relationships with other services within Dudley and with the educational psychology training course at the University of Birmingham.  We are now working successfully with more parents than ever and wish to establish and nurture our relationships and support mechanisms with parents further.  We hope you find the ideas, contacts and resources useful.” Dudley Educational Psychology Service.


Please click on the links below to access the pdf’s.

Screen Free Learning Ideas for all Ages

Supportive Resources and Books – Anxiety

Nightmares and Night Terrors

Sleep Tips

Mental Health Support – Children and Young People

Mental Health Support – Adults

Top Ten Links for Parents

Social Stories


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