Dudley educational and child psychology service (DECPS) is commissioned by Dudley Council to optimise the learning, development and emotional well-being of children and young people in the borough. The service is provided by an established team of educational psychologists.

Access to the service is via the child or young person’s educational setting (nursery, school or college).  If you feel that your child or young person needs educational psychology involvement you need to talk to the school SENCo or headteacher. If you are a young person and feel that you need support from an educational psychologist, then you need to talk to your Pastoral Support or Special Educational Needs coordinator.

What is an educational psychologist?

Educational psychologists:

  • Are psychology graduates who have undertaken additional professional training to qualify as educational psychologists
  • Have previous experience of working with children, for example as teachers
  • Are trained to understand how children and young people learn and develop
  • Have knowledge of a range of psychological approaches and research methodology
  • Work to prevent or overcome barriers to learning and healthy social and emotional development for children and young people
  • Abide by the Health Professions Council standards for practitioner psychologists
  • (Note: the qualification is professional not medical)

In our work as applied psychologists we:

  • Use our knowledge of effective psychological approaches to help with specific issues
  • Work with children and young people aged between birth and 19 years and the adults who provide education and care for them
  • Require informed consent from the parents or carers of any child or young person who we are asked to discuss or be involved with
  • Carry out work in mainstream schools, children’s centres, specialist educational provision, community centres or with families at home
  • Provide consultation, assessment and advice on interventions for individuals or groups of children and young people
  • Consult with parents, carers, staff in schools and a range of other support agencies to build our understanding of a situation or need and formulate our advice
  • Provide feedback in an appropriate format on our work
  • Run short interventions or projects
  • Provide detailed psychological advice when an assessment of special educational needs is being considered by Dudley Council
  • Deliver training and provide other professional support for those involved in educating and caring for children and young people
  • Are often called upon by Dudley Council to advise or join working/consultation groups on issues concerned with organisation and policy planning
  • Draw on our research background to plan and carry out research activities


For further information please contact:


The Mere Education Centre, Lawnswood Road, Wordsley, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 5PQ

tel: 01384 814359

email:  ecps@dudley.gov.uk


If you would like further information, please download relevant leaflet below: